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Get 9-13% Annual Yield with Energy Investments as heard on The Rubin Report.

How it Works

Investors can earn up to 13% annual yield via high-yield, fixed rate bonds. Here’s how:

1. Strategic Asset Targeting

Using powerful technology, we analyze data and identify energy assets to strategically target for acquisition.

2. Leveraging Debt Capital

We leverage the proceeds from bond offerings to purchase attractive oil and gas assets across the United States.

3. Collect Recurring Revenues

Oil and gas operators pay out recurring revenues for the lifespan of the asset.

4. Pay Out Interest to Investors

For the term of the bond, Phoenix pays up to 13% annual yield in monthly payments or with monthly compounding interest.

Why Invest With Phoenix?

High-Yields in a Low-Yield Market

Since 2020, when yields hit historic lows, the yield market has been slow to rebound. Because of our business model and strategy, we are able to offer fixed, high-yield securities in a low-yield environment.

Predictable Monthly Income

Our technology allows us to assess the earning potential of each target asset. Once acquired, certain assets can generate immediate monthly revenues that allow us to distribute yields to our investors.

Short & Long-Term Notes for Greater Control

Investments with Phoenix Capital Group have 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11-year terms. This means you can reap high-yield benefits with various term agreements giving you more control over your capital.

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Investor Testimonials

“I was intrigued by the attractive yields Phoenix Capital Group offered. After Matt explained how the Company operates…I was more excited. While I typically focus on equity investments, this offers attractive yield in a low-yield market.”

Jeff P.

“My dealings with Phoenix Capital Group have been professional yet simple and straightforward. My questions have been answered quickly by their knowledgeable staff.”

Karen W.

“The Phoenix investment opportunity was brought to me by Matt, who I have known for a while. I was excited to see that I could get above-market yield…that generated good income-producing returns. It’s a great investment for us.”

Branden F.

The testimonials may not be representative of other investors not listed on this page. The testimonials are no guarantee of future performance or success of the company or a return on investment. Total interest paid on all obligations, including but not limited to: unsecured debt, first-lien debt, installment sales, and other investments in Phoenix. As of 11/29/2023.

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