Flexibility & Stability: Phoenix Capital Group Has It All

From what we have seen, it has been difficult for investors seeking reliable income streams. Banks have been paying extremely low rates which are only now rising to 4% APY. Corporate bonds are typically yielding only 4.5%, and the stock market is…well, letʼs just say the stock market has been unpredictable.

Phoenix Capital Group aims to offer investors (both accredited and non-accredited) more stability and options through our suite of high-yield private bond offerings. We provide investors with a variety of yield products ranging from 8% to 12% APY. To date, over 1,000 investors across the United States have worked with Phoenix Capital Group to grow their personal wealth while we grow our business.

Our business is mineral rights acquisition. This is a lucrative type of energy investment that has historically been reserved for large institutions. However, through our SEC-filed and audited Regulation A+ and Regulation D bond offerings, Phoenix Capital Group aims to make high-yield energy investments available to everyone.

Phoenix Capital Group acquires the rights to accretive mineral assets, such as oil and natural gas, that provide near-term revenues to our business when leased to operators. A typical asset purchased by Phoenix Capital Group starts producing an ROI in just months allowing our company to meet our monthly interest obligations to our investors and to re-invest the remaining revenues into continued growth.

We have worked with over 1,000 investors since our start in 2018and we have learned that building wealth for investors does not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Some investors seek short-term gains in anticipation of an important life moment, like building a new home or taking a dream vacation. Other investors work to generate income to enjoy their retirement with friends and family for years to come. We have designed our investment products to meet these diverse needs.

Phoenix Capital Group investors can choose from products offering between 8% and 12% annual yields, with investment periods as short as 9 months or as long as 7 years. We can compound monthly interest, make monthly payments, and more. Itʼs our job to blend investment needs with our growth strategy and deliver products that make the most sense for your current life situation.

We invite you to reach out directly to learn more about how we may enhance your overall portfolio. You can join one of our webinars to learn more about the business, our growth, and investment products designed to offer stability in today’s tumultuous landscape.

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